There are two types of concentrate:
Single Serve (3L) is specifically designed to
be fast hydrating. It is for
use with a 200ml serve.
It’s ideal when drinks are
served immediately after
they are made, eg from
the drinks trolley at
morning or afternoon tea.
It takes only 5-10mins
to reach the required
consistency and is stable
for up to 2 hours.
  Bulk Preparation (3L) is
specifically designed for longer term stability (days) for larger quantities of thickened drinks made in advance and stored
in the refrigerator or coldroom, eg drinks made in the kitchen before a meal, or at night
for breakfast the following morning. It takes 1 hour to reach the required consistency
and is then stable for up to
2 days (48 hours).
The products can be easily distinguished by their distinctive labels, as well as the size of the pump and the
labelling on the pump. The smaller pump is for the Single Serve and the larger pump for the Bulk Preparation.
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